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Jessup Makeup brushes set 6-25pcs

Jessup Makeup brushes set 6-25pcs

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Jessup Makeup brushes set 6-25pcs

For a modern woman/man, makeup is not a simple thing, so we need a good makeup tool. Jessup has a deep understanding of the needs of the public, so we developed a series of makeup brushes you need. Good quality, affordable, different quantities and sizes.

This series is inspired by deep-sea pearls and adds pure natural pearl powder to the brush handle. JESSUP hopes that the pearl-like makeup brush can bring texture and beauty to makeup lovers.

1.NATURAL & SYNTHETIC MIXED HAIR MAKEUP BRUSHES: Made with Eco-friendly soft natural & synthetic hair, preventing damage to skin.

2.COMPLETE MAKERUP BRUSH SET: 6pcs-25pcs/set Makeup brushes include various shapes, apply for all makeup looks.

3.HIGH STANDARD HANDLE: With the 7-times coated birchwood and a luxury pearl white color.

4.FINE ROSE GOLD METAL FERRULE: The surface firmly covered with a rose gold metal ferrule.

5.T215 SET (25pcs): Pearl White/Rose Gold Brush kit, apply for all makeup looks, ideal for face and eye shadow, suitable for professional or home use.

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