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Super Neodymium Fishing Magnets

Super Neodymium Fishing Magnets

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Super Neodymium Fishing Magnets 


  • Super Powerful Tension
    This fishing magnet is 36 mm in diameter, adopt a strong neodymium magnet for its base. It can offer 41KG pulling strength under ideal conditions, making your fishing work easier.

  • Perfect Magnetic Fishing Tool
    The fishing magnet is perfect for magnetic fishing, treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, as well as seeking for something old and mysterious. Using the fishing magnets to find some missing metal parts at your workshop or house yard.

  • Super Strength for Treasure Hunting
    Made of rare earth neodymium magnet, and the best nickel coating could help the magnet not easily damage and rust. If you are a treasure hunting fan, the fishing magnet is your best choice. 

  • Utility Hooks
    It can be used indoors/outdoors, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, lockers, office, your refrigerator, or even on a cruise! No drill. No holes. No mess!

  • Multi-function
    You can also hang towels, hammers, paintbrushes, power cords, brooms, brackets, hats, coats, aprons, bags, and practically anything else you can think of, keeping your house organized and tidy.


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