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Thermal Insulated Lunch Tote

Thermal Insulated Lunch Tote

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Thermal Insulated Lunch Tote

1. Thermal insulation: The inside is food-grade aluminum foil with thick foam, which can keep food fresh, cool or hot for several hours, far better than plastic lunch boxes or paper lunch bags.

2. Large capacity: This tote bag can meet all your needs. With just one wallet, you can easily pack food containers, salads, snacks, drinks, sandwiches, fruits, etc., is large enough to fit a six-pack of soda or more than one person's lunch.

3. Waterproof: Equipped with an eco-friendly waterproof material that is soft, leak-proof, and insulated, this lunch bag excels in keeping your beverages cold or keeping your lunch warm.

4. Lightweight: Lunch bag is simple personality modern and lightweight, it’s convenient to be used as your lunch bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, sundry bag or shopping bag, is very suitable for all your needs

5. Applicability: Perfect for a work meal, picnic meal, outdoor BBQ, diet management or medicine storage. You can put this lunch tote bag in the refrigerator to make your food fresh and delicious. Frozen with an ice pack will taste better and fresh longer.



This lunch bag has a padded and reinforced handle, giving people a comfortable feeling. Equipped with a metal zipper for easy opening and loading. The extra front pocket can organize your tableware, napkins, chargers, telephones, keys, bus cards, etc. Don't worry about losing small objects.



Size: 23 * 13 * 23 CM

Shape: Handbag

Material: cation + aluminum foil

Application: lunch box, beverage, fruit


Package Included:

1 * Lunch Bag

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